Key Benefits

For Owners, Registered and Care Managers in Adult Care Services

IMPAQT FOR CARE© digital solution will:

Improve safety and quality

Supports Managers to increase robust risk assessment and regular audits of the service mapped against the CQC Quality Statements and Fundamental Standards requirements.
Prompts Managers to when staff supervisions, training updates, appraisals, incident analysis, audits, service checks, action plan outcomes, are due.
Ensures competency checks are completed following mandatory, statutory and service / client specific training.
Provides easy access to data analysis reports to effectively monitor service, clients and staff and promptly identify risks, trends and safety concerns facilitating prompt and timely action.

Ensure compliance and effective data management

Provides an ‘all in one place’ platform to record, manage and store evidence for inspection (evidence files).
Collates and analyses all data, and information is automatically mapped to the CQC Quality Statements to demonstrate compliance, strengthen governance, inspire confidence and facilitate inspection readiness.
Enables the care service to showcase and celebrate what they do well, improving inspection outcomes and supporting staff morale.

Save Time

Reduces time spent and duplication, as Managers will only record information, data and incidents once. This will increase productivity and release more time to care and manage the service. IMPAQT FOR CARE© connects directly with other external system data sets/systems, e.g. Person-Centred Software (PCS) and Skills for Care's ASC-WDS, to speed up the process of reporting. And soon to come, IMPAQT FOR CARE©  will connect with Care Quality Commission's recently launched, new Provider Portal to enable required CQC reporting and notifications.

Enable effective monitoring

Measures impact and demonstrates positive outcomes over periods of time for clients (client monitoring scales). The system prompts and alerts Managers and Supervisors to when staff supervisions, appraisals and training updates are due, and enables effective recording of competencies by each staff role. A range of Audit tools supports improved risk assessment, identification and analysis of trends and monitoring of the service.

Support training costs

Allows eligibility and timely access to Skills for Care’s Workforce Development Fund to support qualification and training costs for care staff, through direct connectivity of IMPAQT FOR CARE© with the Adult Social Care Workforce Date Set (ASC-WDC).

Build a learning culture

Encourages evidence based reflective practice and learning reviews, formulates action plans, prompts implementation of changes, and thus supports continuous improvement. Supports staff to reflect on their own practice and outcomes for clients linked to Organisational values.

For commissioners Care Quality Commission (CQC) & other integrated system partners

IMPAQT FOR CARE© digital solution will:
  • Support transparent

    one system digital solutions to quality monitoring and governance across the care sector, leading to improvements for people and place

  • Create a consistent systematic approach

    to data collection that can provide time specific system reporting on request, supporting joint commissioning and improving quality of integrated system data use

  • Provide ‘live’ bed vacancy data

    for those seeking care and support (hospitals / social work teams / other care providers / other partners)

  • Enable greater flexibility

    better targeted and an improved ‘remote’ way to monitor care services by inspectors and commissioners

  • Improve the ability of inspectors

    and contract monitoring teams to remotely view the service, prepare for inspections / compliance visits and identify trails where concerns have arisen

  • Facilitate improvements in CQC outcomes

    for providers and therefore improve ratings overall for the Place and Integrated Care System

For Service Users

IMPAQT FOR CARE© digital solution will:
  • Improve outcomes

    in safety and quality of care through improved governance, trend analysis, action planning and the use of specific person-centred care outcome monitoring scales

  • Improve hospital discharge times

    through use of an effective vacancy tool

  • Improve quality of life

    as efficiency and time saving, will result in more time for staff to spend with people doing things which are important to them

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